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This is from Disney's Family Cookbook.

6- 3 oz. pkg. blueberry Jell-O

1 C. blueberries or grapes

Prepare Jell-O in mixing bowl according to directions and pour into a new or well cleaned goldfish bowl.

Drop in blueberries or grapes in the Jell-O so they go to the bottom like gravel.

When the whole thing starts to jell, use a wooden skewer to push gummi fish into different parts of the bowl.

If you're going to be able to supervise the serving, you could even add a plastic diver man, or whatever else your imagination says.


Making the pops is a fun activity for a children's party because any age can participate. These can also be customized for holidays or special occasions by rolling them in coordinating colored sprinkles such as red and green for Christmas or orange and white for Halloween. Ready in 30 minutes or less

Serves: 18-20

2 c. (12 oz.) semisweet chocolate chips
4-1/2 tsp. vegetable oil
36 to 40 large marshmallows
18 to 20 wooden sticks
1 c. flaked coconut
1 c. ground walnuts or pecans
3/4 c. colored or chocolate sprinkles
Combine chocolate chips and oil in a microwave-safe bowl; heat until melted. Stir until smooth.

Thread 2 marshmallows on each wooden stick. Roll marshmallows in melted chocolate, turning to coat. Allow excess to drip off.

Roll in coconut, walnuts or sprinkles.

Place on waxed paper-lined baking sheets. Refrigerate until firm.

Easy after school treat. (My kids favorite)

You need:

3 soft shell tortillas
1 can Apple pie filling
Shreadded cheddar cheese

Warm the tortillas, place apple filling in center, add shreaded cheddar, Rool up and ENJOY!!

So easy, even the Kids can make them!

Bees and Beetles (to make together with the children...) You can make approx. 25 bees/beetles.

You need for 25 bees: approx. 100 grams of marzipan or almond paste and about 25 almonds, cut into two pieces.

For the beetles: +/- 150 grams of marzipan or almond paste and 25 almonds, cut into two pieces.

Roll the marzipan or almond paste into a thumbthick roll and cut it into little pieces: small for the bees, a little bigger for the beetles. Roll them into little marbles and use one for the body, one for the head and maybe a small one for the back part of the body. Use two pieces of almond to make wings.. Stick the bee/tle on a toothpick and stick them all together in a big melon/apple. Put the AppleBee/tle on a plate and surround it with flowers...

Sing a little bee song with the kids before eating them. Maybe dip them into a bit of honey before eating???

Have fun!

Banana ice popsicles

Take a few very ripe banana's and cut them into 2 or 3 pieces. Cut the middle pieces so that they have a pointed edge, too. Stick a wooden stick in the flat part of the banana. Put the bananapopsicles in a container with a cover.

Make sure the banana's don't touch each other.

Put the container in the freezer and let it freeze for 2-3 hours.

These popsicles are very firm and the kids can nibble on them like little rabbits...

Sweet skewers

Take a set of wooden skewers and string them with pieces of apple, kiwi, cake, fresh cheese, banana, tangerine, pineapple, cucumber, cherry tomatoe... If you serve the skewers on a plate with a roll and a glass of milk(shake) you'll have a little meal...

Store-bought cookies, the bigger the better *S*
Ready made frosting
Assorted cake decorations
1 12-ounce package (1 3/4 cups) "M&M's" Mini Baking
mini pretzels
mini marshmallows
shredded coconut
A fun activity for parties.

Spread cooled sugar cookies or store-bought cookies with frosting. Decorate with "M&M's" Mini Baking Bits and additional toppings such as granola, raisins, mini pretzels, mini marshmallows and shredded coconut.