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Friendship and love
intertwined thru the years,
darkness and shadows,
sunshine and rainbows..

how we cried and how we laughed my friend
my tears on your shoulder
first for one, then for another,
Remember? remember, my friend?

You walked like a queen,
Were every man's dream.
How I admired you
Even now, I still do....

Ah those long evenings
debating the merits
of who would be lucky
and go home with you.

Our table, our place ours every night
would we? will he? shall we? what a sight!!
then off we'd go eat and laugh and no sooner back home
the first thing we'd do is talk on the phone.

I remember you stitching,sitting on the balcony
each stitch a tear, your world in agony.
You heart was broken for a love gone away
planes in the background, your dreams gone astray.

But we lived and we loved.
and laughed thru our tears
and now that we're older
still love one another

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